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On-stock & Pre-order


  • All uploaded items are on-stock unless tagged otherwise

Item out-of-stock? Pre-ordering is super easy!

  • No need to wait for stock delivery, out-of-stock items can be pre-ordered by just sending a 'Pre-order request' to Continue below for more details.


What is a pre-order?

  • Pre-order are items that will be manufactured only upon order. Once we have the items on-hand, we will ship the order to you directly.
  • Pre-order is also considered as a confirmed reservation for any new batches of stock that will be arriving.
  • Pre-order applies to out-of-stock items, and items seen on our catalog but not posted on our online shop. 

How to pre-order?

  • Send an email titled: 'Pre-order request: Client Name' to Include the ff:
  1. Name 
  2. Mobile No. 
  3. Delivery Address and Contact Person
  4. Project Type (residential or commercial)
  5. Item Code & Quantity